Lesson Plans: What do we already know?

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Lesson plans for teachers, grades 2-5, discussing with students what they know about Evanston history. Click to view the lesson plan and photographs. Downloadable PDF and images also available.

This lesson plan focuses on what students already know about Evanston's history. Students will review photographs and build a "Know," "Want to Know," and "Learned" chart.



Grades 2-5
Author: Dr. Jenny Thompson
Director of Education, Evanston History Center

Lesson: What do we already know?


  • Discuss what students already know about Evanston history.
  • Photographs for discussion. Ask students to talk about what they see or notice in the photos.
  • Keep a K.W.L. chart. Record in 3 columns what students “Know,” “Want to Know” and (later on) “Learned”


  • Go on a scavenger hunt while walking around Evanston. Look for evidence of the ridges (Ridge Rd., Chicago Ave.), old houses and other buildings, buildings where the top half has changed, old street names, and so on.
  • Take a field trip to the Charles Gates Dawes House, the Frances Willard House, or the Grosse Point Lighthouse.