Lesson Plans: Where in the world is Evanston?

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Lesson plans for teachers, grades 2-5, discussing where Evanston is in the world. Click to view the lesson plan and maps. Downloadable PDF and images also available.

This lesson plan focuses on finding the location of Evanston on the world, U.S., and Illinois maps. Meets District 65 Standard: Describe the physical characteristics of places, both local and global. 



Grades 2-5
Author: Dr. Jenny Thompson
Director of Education, Evanston History Center


Lesson: Where in the world is Evanston?


  • World map
  • U.S. map
  • Illinois map
  • Evanston map


  • As a class, find the approximate location of Evanston on the world, U.S., and Illinois maps. Specifically, find Evanston on the map of Illinois.
  • Using the map of the world, locate the continents, oceans, equator, poles, and hemispheres.
  • Examine the map of Evanston and locate your school/location on the map.
  • Discuss the symbols on the map.


  • Using the map of Evanston as a model, draw a larger outline of the city on butcher paper. The teacher or leader can draw in simple landmarks to give students a reference point. You might draw in Lake Michigan, Northwestern University, the Metra tracks and/or El tracks, Fountain Square, major roads such as Oakton, Main, Dempster, Dodge, Davis, Central, Ridge, Sheridan, etc. Once the basic outline of the city is laid out, the group can locate familiar landmarks: their homes, schools, grocery store, park, library, museum, or beach. This could become a 3-dimensional map, with buildings and houses made out of cereal boxes, old milk cartons, fabric scraps, and so on.